Monday, May 31, 2010

Overwhelmed by the Inbox

It is Monday evening. Tom is making open-face pineapple/cheese sandwiches, and I am maniacally erasing old e-mails, and unsubscribing to all sorts of junk mail that I can't think how I ever got subscribed to in the first place.

And if you think you're not grasping and clutching, think about letting go of Facebook. Ask yourself, how did I get, what? 50 or 100 Facebook posts in my inbox, some of them tagged green, some red, some not tagged. Say to yourself, If you can't control this, we will just unsub (we being your multiple personalities, especially Messy Child and Parental Figure.)
- But Mom, Messy Child whines, then I'd miss out on stuff!

But really, this situation - I receive about 200 e-mails a day, maybe 2-5 of them personal - it has to be stopped. Can it be stopped? I propose to find out. And may I say, of the many messy corners in my life, this would seem to be of least importance. I mean, what about the laundry basket(s) of unfolded laundry. What about going through the old photos and slides and figuring out what to convert to digital? But the task selects itself. So there.

As of now (9:07 Monday night)
inbox 584

As for the other boxes, like the creative writing list, the transplant list, Gentle Reader, let us a draw a veil. Let us keep this task Zen-like. Simple, confined.

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  1. I recently read an item on just this topic. I wonder if I wasted much time reading it? Oh, well.
    I cleaned up a lot of things and gave them away. I gave away friends on fb too. Once I was through farming and mobbing people, I gave up a lot of fb time.
    It's good to get time back. Like a cherished gift we forgot we had.