Saturday, November 21, 2009

Scraps found going through old files

[above: The Lotus Shrine]

Notes made during a meeting with a financial advisor:
Be careful when you start doing nothing, because it's hard to quit.
terminal velocity - the fastest you can dance
re keeping my little Civic, our second car:
car = you = freedom power adulthood (we kept it)

thrown out: a 2000 article about planting Alpine Strawberries from seed. We just don't have the sun. No sunny garden this year. Maybe next.

kept: an article about a book, "Meetings with Remarkable Trees." From 2002, when Tom was still working and we had more money and felt we could still travel

obituary of Swami Satchindananda, the Woodstock Guru (that's his temple above)
an article about a luxury vacation in Bali. I was dreaming hard that August, just before our personal crash into illnesses

articles about artists who dedicated themselves totally to their art

a note for a comic novel:
Bonnie the Dog in the funeral procession: at the beginning, not the end

on an index card: What would Buddha wear if she could afford anything?

Okay, I hear Tom getting up just as I hit another folder of inspirations. Those are slow going, and fun. Have a nice weekend.

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