Friday, October 17, 2008

What to do after you learn how to paint

"Tin Lizzie Green" by Jules Olitski.
Yes, this is a very expensive, relatively famous painting, which makes me smile; so does the painting. It is from Olitski's color-field period. I am a fan of this particular movement in art, which was already dead by the time I discovered it, like Phillip Whalen and Susan Sontag. I like color. And, having worked with words all my life, and grown very tired of debate and discussion, I like things that are meaningless. When I draw, I soon get bored with the tedious work of representing reality in a recognizable way, and veer toward abstraction, in the manner of a kid in a Dodgem car who sees something really cool to run into.

I haven't much of a point to make about this. It brings to mind a recent article by a Zen master about how we should discard ideas, our ideas of reality, and just be with the reality. This is one of the basic ideas [sic] of Zen, and it will tie you in knots if you let it. I recommend collecting autumn leaves instead, remarkable color fields in themselves right now.

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