Friday, October 24, 2008

And I had to major in English

Some people have this blogging thing figured out. They post something strange, anything, and a bunch of crazy people write weird comments, which become the most interesting thing. I.e., fans are really writing the blog for them. I've been writing now since July and (having today been through more of the western medical establishment, only to get referred to more cat scans, more doctors) I'm worn out. I need positive reinforcement. Or at least, reinforcement.

So it's your turn. You women can learn how to get out here in the blogosphere. You should. You can. Believe me, if Grandma can---and I was an English major---you can. (It is easiest if you check Anonymous; you can still sign your name to your post.)

So here's the question:
What's the job you really wish you had, but you never dreamed someone could get paid to do it?

Me? I just saw on the evening news where some guys rigged an accident. Studying something about how cars crumple, apparently. They carefully positioned an empty old car on a crossroads. Then somebody drove a semi into it! Then some science types measured things.

Throughout, a clump of guys stood around outside in the fresh country air not doing anything. I figure they were all paid for this, the way a lot of guys seem to be paid for standing around not doing anything. And it was all more fun than sitting at a desk telling callers, I'm sorry, Doctor is not answering his page.

But the driver definitely had the most fun. This is basically Dodge'm for grownups, and it's the job I want, since Laurie's better at the hula hoop than I ever was.

Your turn.

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