Monday, September 1, 2008

Female anchor displays breasts

(This is not what a feminist looks like. The photo is of a French newscaster named Melissa Theuriau, who was not the newscaster described in the letter below. You won't be surprised that I found this photo on the website of an appreciative male member of the demographic that spends lots of money on beer and gear.)

Hello, Mythical Reader. Not knowing what to write today, I happened across the e-mail below, which I sent to in late March. I thought it might amuse someone. A note: that same anchor appeared the next night decently clad. If you are wondering whether NBC replied to me, no. I would have been surprised if they did. And yes, I do know the world has changed.

Tonight a woman anchored the NBC Evening News. Sorry, I was not able to get her name, but you'll know who I mean.

It is rare to see a woman on television in a responsible role that implies intelligence, and I appreciate it. But this woman seemed to have lost her blouse. There seemed to be nothing under her suit, so it revealed a large expanse of chest, including cleavage.

To appreciate how a woman feels watching this, the men who make decisions there might imagine that you showed Brian Williams full length in his suit jacket, shirt, and tie, and tight red silk jockey shorts.

For all I know, that is how he dresses to deliver the news. But that's beside the point. The point is, you would never show it. Every care is taken to give him an appearance of dignity and good grooming. That includes not having hair falling in his eyes like a teenager. You should absolutely do the same for any woman who reads the news. Every newscaster should look like a sane, responsible person. I mean, what were you thinking?
postscript: It is still true that the personal is political.

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